B Blinded


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General Details

VERSAPIX™, a contraction of versatile and pixel, is a veritable fan of light.

Brilliantly evolved from the VERSAPIX™100 concept first introduced in 2012, the VERSAPIX™RS is the first in the new ultra-radical “RS” product series. A new 40 Watt reduced-scale multi-chip RGBW LED emitter has been combined with innovative 94 mm diameter high-efficiency optics.
Once again pushing the limits, this luminaire can generate an ultra-powerful 3.5° beam with a record-breaking centre-beam intensity of 200 candela per lumen. With three times more power and six times more centre-beam intensity, the VERSAPIX™RS offers infinite possibilities for creating 3D volumetric lighting effects regardless of the ambient light conditions.

Technical Infos
2x 110W LED Stage Blinder

The B Blinded is the future of all blinders. A powerful blinder with a 2x 110 W warm white LED engine, including tungsten emulation feature. The output can be compared to DWE 2x 650 W but with many extra functionalities. No more dimmers, less cables, but more functions with faster installation and more creativity. Furthermore this versatile fixture is arrayable to make a 4, 6 or 8-lite blinder unit up to a 20-lite! Vertical or horizontal, it is up to your design!

  • All weather use
  • Extremely bright
  • Strobe functions
  • Refresh rate: 1.200 Hz
  • DWE hot glow dimming below 10%
  • Can be used for permanent lighting
  • Arrayble portrait/landscape up to 10 units